Free is not a business model

NYT: “By coming up with an easy user interface and obtaining the cooperation of a broad swath of music companies, Mr. Jobs helped pull the business off the brink. He has been accused of running roughshod over the music labels, which are a fraction of their former size. But they are still in business. Those of us who are in the newspaper business could not be blamed for hoping that someone like him comes along and ruins our business as well by pulling the same trick: convincing the millions of interested readers who get their news every day free on newspapers sites that it’s time to pay up.”

One comment on “Free is not a business model

  1. Raul

    “Convincing” ?? aha. NYT forget a little thing: the music industry did close by force (with the help of the US justice) the then free and leading music interchange service — Kazaa and others. After RIAA got its insurance from the justice against the free service, they partnered with the allways ambitious and almost broke apple’s Jobs for the paid service implementation. Yes a big WIN-WIN deal. They stealed the internet music service killing via lawsuits the FREE service. How could NYT/apple close the existing free news service ?

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