Biomutant: Table for Cheat Engine [1.3.0]

The game: Biomutant

Category: Cheats → Tables

Author: FearlessRevolution

The size: 6.45 kB


Unlimited Money money

Unlimited Bio Points / Infinite. bio-points

Unlimited Upgrade Points / Infinite. upgrade points

Unlimited Psi Points / Infinite. psi-points

Unlimited Attribute Points / Infinite. attribute points

Get Aura Base Address [Update: View Aura] / Get the address of the base of the aura [update: view aura]


Unlimited HP & Ki Energy / Inf. health and ki energy

Unlimited Ammo / Infinite. cartridges


Unlimited Items / Infinite. items

Unlimited Materials Materials

Force Pause (Toggle: Pause Break) / Pause

Speedhack (Ctrl + / Ctrl -) / Speedhack

Startup process:

1. Start Cheat Engine, “Load” and select table

2. “Select a process to open”, select the desired process.

3. Select the option you want, put a cross.

Associated files:

  • Cheat Engine 7.2

Download it from fearlessrevolution website