Borderlands 3 Cheat Engine Table

Thanks to STN for this cheat table for Borderlands 3!

Some of the cheats it features out of the many are

Scripts for Inf Health, Ammo All Battle Characters
Script for No Reload/Grenades
Script for EXP Multiplier
Script for Golden Keys – You need to have at least 1 first. Use this SHIFT code to receive 3 golden keys – ZFKJ3-TT3BB-JTBJT-T3JJT-JWX9H
Gold – Editable
Eridium – Editable
Unlimited Ammo / Grenades –

This for Steam version. Borderlands 3 was released on September 12, 2019 and the game description reads

The original shooter-looter returns, packing bazillions of guns and a mayhem-fueled adventure! Blast through new worlds & enemies and save your home from the most ruthless cult leaders in the galaxy.

The really cool part about Borderlands 3 is that the graphics have been revamped and the game feels much modern especially with the use of Unreal Engine 4. For me personally, borderlands 2 had cartoonish graphics and i didn’t particularly like that.

You can download it from fearlessrevolution website