Persona 5 Table for Cheat Engine

The game: Persona 5

Category: Cheats → Tables

Author: FearlessRevolution

The size: 7.81 kB

Miscellaneous utilities.

Experience Calculator
By entering a value in the level field, you can get the minimal required experience to reach that level for a given persona or party member.

Name Changer
Using this tool, you can change the Hero’s first and last name, as well as your group name.

This tool limits you to the available characters for names in the English release of the game as the game might crash when using an invalid character.

Compendium Unlocker
Click the checkbox to unlock or lock a persona in the compendium.

WARNING: Locking a persona and then unlocking it would reset all persona stats.

Party Stats
Edit stats relating to party members:

Ailments: Various ailment flags.
Level, EXP:
Only relevant to the Hero.
Use the Experience Calculator in the Tools section to get correct values for these entries.
Editing the level is not recommended, instead edit the EXP, then enter and win a battle to initiate the game’s level-up process.
Party member’s level and EXP are tied to their persona’s level and EXP.
Buff Status: Flags that determine whether a buff is active or not.
Buff Direction: Determines a buff’s direction (e.g. ATK+ or ATK-).
Buff Duration: The amount of turns in which a buff is active.
Equip: Equipped gear.
HP Gain, SP Gain: The HP and SP gained from training. Normally can only be increased by the Hero, however you can set these manually for other party members and their HP and SP will increase accordingly.
Party Stats – Hero & Party Persona
Available stats for each persona include:

Level, EXP – These also represent the EXP and level of each party member.

Speedhack (Ctrl + / Ctrl -) / Speedhack

Startup process:

1. Start Cheat Engine, “Load” and select table

2. “Select a process to open”, select the desired process.

3. Select the option you want, put a cross.

Associated files:

  • Cheat Engine 7.3

Download it from fearlessrevolution website