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Destiny 2 Server will go offline for maintenance today

On 19 October 2017, the Destiny 2 servers will go offline for maintenance. Work will be carried out from 5 pm, Activision and Bungie have announced this.

Bungie will upgrade the server, which has been confirmed by the official site and the downtime will be made as small as possible.

The maintenance work on the server will start at 17:00 , and login will be disabled after that. Login will resume by 18:00 clock .

With the maintenance work, the hotfix will be launched, the whole process will be completed within 4 hours. So the servers will be available again around 9pm.

For Destiny Patch Notes players should monitor our Updates page on Bungie.net.
8:00 AM Pacific 3:00 PM UTC
  • Destiny 2 server maintenance is schedule to begin
  • Players will no longer be able to log in to Destiny 2
9:00 AM Pacific 4:00 PM UTC
  • Players still in activities will be returned to the title screen
12:00 PM Pacific 7:00 PM UTC
  • Destiny server maintenance is scheduled to end

Source of information: Bungie

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